Here comes the leg


The leg was the most difficult part to disassemble and it was really a tight fit. I thought they glued those two piece together as it was so tight that I actually tried to find screws on the leg. After convincing myself that this part is okay to be trashed or else I will have to glue the entire leg on my light-weight fancy Gunnar Optiks, I used a flat head screw driver to crack it open, suddenly a clip pop out. I was so happy that I didn’t have to break my little toy into pieces. The last clip was incredibly hard, as the clip was in the thickest area that I couldn’t bend the outer shell using my hand, and the wire did not have any protection as my flat head could cut them into pieces anytime. Eventually, I made 3 of my nails bleeding, and I got the leg assembly apart WITHOUT BREAKING THE CABLE (MOM I DID IT!). Only taping and soldering left. Oh wait…battery still on its way. It’s my first time seeing that package from mainland China arrived before package from Hong Kong.


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