When my demon hands strike my Myvu Solo

My Torx screwdriver set arrived in the mailbox today, it’s time for me to do some deadly surgeries to my Myvu Solo.

Instead of following the “break every plastic part into pieces” procedure as shown in David Renoir‘s photos. I did find a “correct” way of disassembling the Myvu Solo.


The screws circled in yellow were fairly easy to find. However, the genius engineers did not forget to give us some challenge of finding those two little guys circled red. The Myvu engineers designed two little pieces of plastic camouflage caps to prevent those little screws from being scratched by my Trox screwdriver.

At that point, my patient’s vital signs were still normal. But good things can’t just happen one after another, right? When I saw the glue that hold the little TFT screen to the lens, I thought Myvu was a very good company, and they must have used some industry-level strength glue. Therefore, I called my nurse to bring me the swiss knife. And that was a really really really bad decision. I somehow broke my left TFT as well as the left earphone wire. Image

Nothing looks bad from the outside, however, the little TFT won’t do anything but showing pure white back-lit when his brother does his job just fine. Fortunately, The two TFTs are interchangeable, and I detached the other TFT use my soft bare hand, and replaced left eye’s TFT using the right eye’s TFT, and it worked. By the way, when you see your little TFT only displaying pure while back-lit, don’t be panic at first, you will not be able to see anything unless you use that magnifier lens. If you still see pure white back-lit even with the lens attached, you can go ahead and panic like I did.

I might solder the earphone wires back since I have to solder the 2 LED pins to make it works with only one display anyway. But that’s not the thing I will do now, as I have the feeling that I will mess it up if I do it today.

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3 thoughts on “When my demon hands strike my Myvu Solo

  1. tianweiliu says:

    After reviewing David’s tutorial, i found that he did mentioned the “correct” way of disassembling the main frame:

    “There is a plastic frame in three parts holding everything together. It is screwed together with four torx screws – two neat the centre bridge, and two behind small plasic covers forming the arm pivots (the hinges for the folding bits).

    I drilled these out as my torx screwdriver was too big, causing a bit of damage.”

  2. Brandon says:

    I’m going to try to cut and extend my myvu’s for my wide eyes to see the picture. Can you tell me what size torx screwdriver it took? Thanks

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